2019 Events
All year, Ryot Church of the Nazarene is involved in different activities– both at the church and around the community– as we strive to be a FED church. If you are interested in the kinds of activities we do, or think you might like to attend check out the pictures below. 
Prayer Tent (10/26/2019)
NYI Murder Mystery Night (10/12/2019)
Ladies Baked Potato Bar (10/7/2019)
Laundry Wash & Dry (9/28/2019)
Kids Nature Walk (9/16/2019)
NYI End of Summer Bash (8/18/2019)
Promotion Sunday (8/18/2019)
Car Wash (8/17/2019)
Block Party (7/27/2019)
Guest Speakers: Rodney and Sarah Reed (7/17/2019)
Prayer Tent (7/13/201
Motorcycle Ride (6/23/2019)
Vacation Bible School (6/10/2019-6/14/2019)
Children’s Day (6/9/2019)
NYI Escape Room at Freedom House Ministries (6/8/2019)
Teen Sunday (6/2/2019)
Gas Buy Down (5/18/2019)
NYI: 30 Hour Famine/Flocking(5/17/2019-5/18/2019)
Packing Clothes (5/11/2019)
Ladies Dip Day (5/10/2019)
Baby Day (5/5/2019)
Guest Speaker: Alan Brown & Freedom House Ministries (4/28/2019)
Sunrise Service (4/21/2019)
Easter Egg Hunt (4/20/2019)
Filling Easter Eggs (4/13/2019)
District Assembly (4/5/2019-4/8/2019)
Winter Jam (3/30/2019)
Children’s Ministry Luncheon (3/31/2019)
Dollar Hide (3/16/2019)
Kid’s Bowling (3/09/2019)
Men’s Movie and Wing Night (2/23/2019)
Laundry Wash and Dry (2/23/2019)
Kids Valentines Party (2/09/2019)
NYI Super Bowl Party (2/03/2019)
Kids Skating Party (1/12/2019)
NYI Bake & Take (1/12/2019)
Celebration Sunday (1/6/2019)
Gas Buy Down (1/12/2019)