The church in Bangladesh is strong in evangelism and church planting. Because of this, two new districts were established in 2018. Since 2010, Bangladesh districts have multiplied from one to five. Pastors receive help to develop their Christian character and acquire, reinforce, and refine their ministry knowledge and skills for the church.


Give thanks that approximately 94% of the population of the Bahamas now claim to be Christians, and that the growth among evangelical churches is encouraging.


Give thanks for the many believers in Australia,who have reached out to people nearby, resulting in many receiving Christ as their savior.

Praise (1/13):

Praise God for political stability in the Caribbean. Often in the past of these countries, times of national elections brought much turmoil, but this appears to have significantly reduced.

Praise (1/6)

Thank the Lord for church planters in Armenia who are obedient to God, encouraging their churches to plant communities of faith in nearby towns. The pastors allow members to see how God is working by taking them to visit the church plants. The kingdom of God spreads, as does the passion for church planting.

Praise (12/30)

Praise God for the celebration of 100 years of the Church of the Nazarene in Argentina, in 2019. Give thanks for the new generation of leaders that is emerging.