Our newsletter contains weekly announcements, prayer requests and cancellations. Check back for updates to see what is going on with our church family.

Prayer Requests

I have two prayer requests to pass along, the first is for my uncle Ken Davis. Ken had a hip replacement Friday at UPMC Altoona. Pray that Ken will be able to recover quickly and be back on his feet and home as soon as possible.

The second request is for the family of Stephanie (Mickle) Michaels. Stephanie had been suffering from Lyme’s disease and passed away May 1st. Stephanie and her husband, Walt Michaels, were the owners of the Fishertown Country Store and Walt has worked with us in our kindness outreaches and they have worked in for the betterment of our community. We ask that you keep Stephanie’s family in your prayers as they mourn her passing, pray for peace in the days to come, pray for comfort as they rise each day, and pray that they will find joy as they remember Stephanie and their time together.

Thank You

Pastor Kevin

Prayer Requests:

We received a prayer request from Penny for Mildred Conrath, Mildred is Penny’s Sister in law, (Marti’s) mother. Mildred was diagnosed with cancer in her lungs, liver, back, and bones.  Mildred was sent home from the hospital Monday and hospice has been called to assist her.

We ask that you would lift Mildred up in prayer as she faces this disease and diagnosis. Pray that the Lord would give comfort to Mildred, strengthen her faith and confidence in the Lord. Pray also for her family, pray that they will also be comforted in this time, that peace would abound in their presence and that as Marti Cares for her mother that she would be strengthened with each new day. Pray for the Lord’s will to prevail and that His desire would be made evident to each of those involved.

Thank You

Church Directory:

We are in the process of updating our church directory. If you are a member or regular attendee at our church, and you have not filled in the Directory Update Request you can find in below or under Resources on our website. 
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Weekly Announcements:

Good morning! These are the weekly announcements:

All church activities planned through Wednesday May 13 have been canceled or postponed. 

If you would like a CD or DVD of the Weekly Sermon, please contact Pastor Kevin or the church.

We will continue using Facebook Live for Our Prayers and Requests on Sunday Mornings beginning at 9:30 am.

The Sermon can be accessed on Facebook at 10 am or on our website at Please remember to say who is watching with you for our attendance records.

You may mail your tithes/offerings to the church at 406 Dunkard Hollow Road Alum Bank, Pa 15521.  If you would like to drop off your tithes/offerings, someone is at the church Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9 am – 3 pm. At other times you may slide your envelope between the front doors.

Seeds of Hope money can also be mailed to the church or dropped off. Please write “Seeds of Hope” in the memo line of your check.

Thank You and Have a Great Day!

Prayer Request

We received a prayer request from Marie Wentz for a family friend that has been diagnosed with COVID 19. He contacted it at work and a few coworkers also have been diagnosed with the virus. We are asking that you continue to pray for those with the virus; that their symptoms would be mild and that in the days to come they would make full recoveries.

We also received an Update on Jill Gordon. Jill had her surgery Thursday and everything went well. They had tested her Lymph Nodes and found no sign of the cancer in them. Continue to pray for Jill’s recovery from the surgery and healing from this cancer. Pray also for Todd and the rest of their family in these days.

Thank You