Our newsletter contains weekly announcements, prayer requests and cancellations. Check back for updates to see what is going on with our church family.

Prayer Requests

Alan Brown, Marie’s son had surgery to take out his gallbladder last Tuesday. It went well but he is still recovering. We ask that you would pray that his recovery would be quick. Also pray that the family would be at ease through this time.
We also received an update on Rudy Imler, Randy’s twin brother. Rudy was still having difficulty retaining fluid and was been moved to the ICU at the VA hospital in Pittsburgh. He was suffering from low oxygen levels and confusion as well. He is off the respirator and is improving. We ask that you lift up Rudy in your prayers as the medical staff try to accommodate Rudy’s condition an strive for improvement. Pray for his recovery and healing. Pray also for his family that during this time they would be comforted and be at peace with his progress.
Thank you.

Weekly Announcements (12/2)

A Reading Plan for Advent is in the foyer.
Christmas Blessing Tree will be in the Foyer. All gifts MUST BE to the church by Sunday December 15. There is a RED number on the back of each ornament. Please sign your name on the sheet next to the number of your ornament. If you have questions, please speak with Penny.
There are tags for the Dunkard Hollow Cards. Purchase a Christmas card, place ten dollars inside, and sign your card. Please DO NOT SEAL the envelope.The cards should be placed in the basket in the foyer.

A Christmas Card List for the church is available in the foyer. 

Next Thursday’s Building & Grounds Meeting has been CANCELED.

First Friday Breakfast @ Denny’s is December 6 at 8 am.

Kids Christmas Practice and Party is Saturday December 14 from 10 am – Noon.

NYI Christmas Party is Saturday December 14 at 6 pm.

NYI Elections are Wednesday December 18 at 6:30 pm.
Winter Jam is on March 28 @ Bryce Jordan Center. Tickets will be purchased in December to ensure seating. Please speak with Ronnie or Penny for more information.

Prayer Request

We received a call for a burn victim from the house fire in Everett the other day. Her name is Chase and she is the girlfriend of Josh Hayes; Tom Watkin’s grandson. Chase is in the hospital in Pittsburgh and will be receiving skin grafts in the days to come.

We are asking that you pray for Chase and the other victims of this fire. Pray that as Chase is having these grafts that the grafts will go well and heal quickly. Also pray that she will recover completely with few scars if any. Also pray that the Lord would lift her emotionally, and spiritually as she continues to heal and recuperate.

Thank You.

Weekly Announcements

A Reading Plan for Advent is available in the foyer or on our Advent page. It begins NEXT Sunday December 1.

If you signed up to donate items for the Thanksgiving Meal and have not brought them in yet, please speak with Pastor Kevin or Penny. Bring THAWED turkeys and hams on Wednesday November 27 by 8 am. 

Thanksgiving Prep will begin at 8 am on Wednesday November 27.

There will be NO Wednesday Evening Services on November 27.

NYI will be decorating for Christmas on Friday November 29. Please arrive by 10 am. We will be going for lunch afterwards.

Our Christmas Blessing Tree will be in the Foyer Sunday December 1. All gifts must be to the church by Wednesday December 18.

There is a list in the foyer of the Monthly Needs of New Paris Food Pantry, as well as on our Kindness Outreach page.

Winter Jam is on March 28 @ Bryce Jordan Center. Tickets will be purchased in December to ensure seating. Please speak with Ronnie or Penny for more information.

Prayer Requests

Hi Everybody,
First, we would like to send out a prayer request for Kitty Miller. Kitty had surgery on her sinuses this past Monday. We are asking that you pray that the pain and discomfort would subside quickly; that the surgery would be effective and that she would heal and be able to get back to her normal self. Pray also for her comfort as she recovers. 
We received a prayer request for Chet Dietrich’s wife, Nancy; friends of Kelly and Adena’s from treasure Lake. Nancy has had several strokes over the past month, and today she had a stroke and heart attack together. According to doctors, it is only a matter of time until she passes. We are asking you to pray for Nancy to receive her healing. We also ask that you would lift up Chet as he stays by her side. Please pray that Chet would be strengthened and comforted as he watches and waits. Pray that the load that Chet has been carrying over these past few weeks would be lifted off of his shoulders and his final hours with Nancy would be precious. Pray that God’s will would be done and that His good would be revealed in the days to come.
We also have a prayer request for Randy Imler’s brother Rudy. Rudy was taken to the VA’s Urgent care Sunday morning with some problems after his heart surgery last week. Urgent care decided to send him by ambulance to the hospital in Pittsburgh. They believe that he is retaining fluids and may have an infection. We ask that you would lift him up in your prayers that the infection is able to be treated quickly and easily and that he will heal quickly as well.
Thank you.