Our newsletter contains weekly announcements, prayer requests and cancellations. Check back for updates to see what is going on with our church family.

Prayer Request

Hello everybody. Pastor Kevin received this prayer request for Lynn Sowden, son of Terry & Darleen Sowden. He’s been hospitalized for a week and has been diagnosed with cancer.  Lynn has developed severe complications and is facing immediate emergency surgery. The need for prayer is urgent. Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer Request

Tessa sent me a prayer request for Sherry Hopkins. Sherry was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer. Sherry was a friend of my sister Karen’s, and lost a sister to cancer before that. She became really close with Karen’s family after Karen was diagnosed with cancer. Sherry will be having surgery on September 30 to remove part of the affected area and is really scared for her and her husband Gary.

We are asking you to pray for Sherry to be healed, pray that the Lord would heal her body of this cancer. Pray that the cancer is contained and that they are able to remove all of the cancer from her body. Pray that whatever treatment they pursue for the future will be effective and that Sherry will be cancer free. Also pray for her and Gary to draw closer together as husband and wife and also that they would draw closer to the Lord in this time.

Thank You

Pastor Kevin

Weekly Announcement (9/9)

Board Meeting is Thursday September 12 at 7 pm.


Church Work Day is Saturday September 14 at 8 am.


Alabaster Offering will be collected NEXT Sunday September 15.


The church has been invited to join the Kids on their Nature Walk on Sunday September 15 at Shawnee State Park. A light lunch will be provided after church in the Fellowship Hall before going to Shawnee. There is a sign up sheet.


The District Ladies Retreat @Rhodes Grove is September 20-22. Deadline for registration was September 8. Please speak with Marsha for more information.


Precious Life of Bedford County’s Annual Walk for Life is Saturday September 21. If you would like a pledge sheet to collect donations, please speak with Penny. You DO NOT have to collect donations to participate in the Walk. 


Penn Hospice is looking for volunteers. There is information on the bulletin board.

Prayer Request

Sandy Titmus called with a prayer request for her friend Robert Bingham. He had knee surgery over a year ago and has been having issues since. The doctors had been treating him for arthritis. He had an MRI done and they found his knee is filled with infection. He also has a torn tendon. They are sending him to a hospital near Monroeville for immediate treatment.

Pray that the doctors are able to treat him quickly and that his pain is manageable. Pray that the infection does not spread and that he is healed completely. Also pray for the family’s safety as they travel.

Prayer Request

Arlene called Pastor Kevin with a prayer request for Zachary Collins.
Zachary was admitted to the hospital after a cow stepped on his foot. He went to an outpatient clinic which immediately sent him to the ER. They started IV Antibiotics immediately to in hopes of preventing any kind of infection in the bone. Please pray that he will be cleared of any infection and the injury to his foot would be healed as quickly as possible. Pray that the Lord would be with him and his family through this time and that they would be able to rejoice in the Lord’s healing power.
Thank you.