Our newsletter contains weekly announcements, prayer requests and cancellations. Check back for updates to see what is going on with our church family.

Prayer Request

We received a prayer request from Bonnie Strayer for the family of her cousin, Sherry Thomas. Sherry is passed away unexpectedly and that is the extent of what we know. Bonnie is away at the time and has very few details. We ask that you pray for Sherry’s family; that the Lord would bring comfort to this family as they mourn. Pray that the family find the Lord’s peace in this situation, and that they will be blessed as they share this time together. Pray also for Bonnie as she is traveling to return home safely.

We also received a prayer request from Denny for his niece, Bailey’s infant daughter. The baby was born recently and they have discovered a tumor in the baby’s ear. Pray as the family visits with the doctors and specialists to attempt to resolve this issue. Pray that this tumor is something that will be easily removed and fixed.

Thank You

Prayer Request: Update

We received an update on a prayer request from last week for Devon Spiker. Devon is the 25 year old son of one of Jan’s coworkers. He has been hospitalized with a severe infection which has affected the valves in his heart. The valve in his heart is so bad that they said it needed replaced as soon as possible so they transported him to another hospital that was better equipped to deal with his situation. However, the cardiac surgeon at hospital said he is too sick to do the valve replacement. Devon had show signs of improvement late last week, but now is beginning to worsen, with an increased fever.

Devon’s mother is asking for more prayers. With this in mind, we are asking you to pray for Devon to be healed and that the medical staff is able to stabilize him so they may do the necessary surgery to his weakening heart. Also pray that his fever would return to normal, his blood counts would stabilize, and that Devon would be able to make a full recovery. Please remember his family; pray they would be comforted and given hope for each new day.

Thank you.

Prayer Request

We received a prayer request for the family of Rick Jezeski. Rick was a man from our area who was mentally and physically challenged all of his life. He was not expected to live past the age of 10 but has passed away at the age of 52. We ask that you pray for his family as they mourn his passing. Pray that they will be comforted and that they are able to rejoice that they were able to be with him for many years more than was expected. Pray for the Peace of the Lord to be with them and that each new day will bring joy.

Thank you.

Weekly Announcements (6/10)

VBS begins TODAY June 10 – June 14 from 6 – 8:45 pm for anyone 12 or under.


Next Sunday, we will have a short ceremony welcoming our new members: Josh Musselman, Madison Beegle, and Grant Ferguson.


The last day to bring in items for Precious Life of Bedford County is NEXT SUNDAY June 16. The items needed and a tote are in the foyer.


Love Inc is having a Hoss’s Fundraiser on Sunday June 23. The coupons are on the Bulletin Board.


Precious Life & Renewing Hope have a few events coming up. The events and details are on the bulletin board.


We have a sign up sheet for anyone planning to help with ABC Fire Company’s Classic Car Weekend on Friday July 12 and Saturday July 13.


We are in need of people to help in the Nursery. You must have your clearances and your Mandated Reporter Certificate. If you do not have them, please speak with Penny for a list of requirements.

Prayer Requests

We have a prayer request for the family of one of Jan’s co-workers. Her name is Michelle Spiker, and at this time her husband and son are hospitalized in two different locations. Her son Devon is the most serious and he is hospitalized in San Diego with endocarditis, which is an infection in the lining of the heart. Michelle caught a flight to San Diego and is rushing to her son Devon’s side. Her husband was diagnosed with MS a while back and had a bad cold recently, which caused his MS symptoms to flare up, so they admitted him into Conemaugh Hospital until the symptoms subside.

We are asking you to pray for this entire family; pray that Devon would be healed and this infection would be eliminated as quickly as possible. Pray also that Michelle’s husband’s symptoms would return to normal and the MS is again able to be controlled with his medications. Finally pray that Michelle is able to make the necessary transportation arrangements in order to get to her son and care for him.
We also have a prayer request for the family of one of Shane’s friends and co-workers whose name is Cody Kephart. Cody was killed in an accident Wednesday night. Cody also had a brother who died last year suddenly. We are asking that you keep his family in your prayers as they mourn and come to grips with these tragic losses. Pray that the Lord would comfort them as they grieve and give them strength for each new day. Also pray that the Lord would give them peace in the days to come.

Thank you.