Our newsletter contains weekly announcements, prayer requests and cancellations. Check back for updates to see what is going on with our church family.

Prayer Request:

I received a prayer request from Sandy Titmus for her friend, Linda Wood’s son Levi. Levi was taken to the hospital in Altoona Monday for severe abdominal pain and he seemed to be a bit lethargic. He has had a history of medical conditions and this is just another in many. We ask that you pray that whatever is causing the pain would be found and treated. Pray that his various medical conditions would be controlled and he would begin to feel better. Pray also for his family who is concerned for his well being.

Thank You

Prayer Requests:

First, Sherri Muir has had some tests done and they have discovered a possible heart issue. She is scheduled to see a specialist this week. We ask that you would pray for Sherri as she prepares to see the specialist, also we ask that you pray that whatever the issue may be that the Lord would cure her of this ailment or give the doctors a direction for its treatment. Pray that she is able to be made well soon.

Next, Marie Brown is scheduled to see a kidney specialist and a hematologist this week for the issues she was hospitalized for a few weeks back. We ask that you pray that she too would be healed of the ailments that she has been experiencing and that in the days to come she would experience the healing touch of our Lord, Jesus.

Thank you

Weekly Announcement:

Celebrate Recovery Step Classes will begin TODAY August 3 at 6:30pm in the Fellowship Hall. To join please speak with Lynn or Pastor Kevin.


There is a Building & Grounds Meeting on Thursday August 6 at 7pm.


First Friday Breakfast scheduled for August 7 has been CANCELED.


A Church Work Day is planned for Saturday August 8 at 8am.


Kids’ trip to Urban Air scheduled for August 8 has been CANCELED.


ALL Cancellations will be announced and also listed on our website.


If you have your updated clearances, please give them to Penny. If you do not have them or are having an issue, please speak to Penny before leaving.

If you would like a CD or DVD of the service, let Pastor Kevin or Penny know. The sermon can also be accessed on facebook and on our website.


Prayer Request:

We received a prayer request for Randy Imler’s twin brother Rudy. Rudy was involved in a chainsaw accident and went to the hospital for treatment. His injuries are not severe. The orthopedic surgeon told him that the injury did not hit the bone. They gave him stitches and sent him home. We ask that you pray for his wellbeing, and that healing would occur quickly.

Thank You

Prayer Request:

Hi Everybody

I have a couple prayer requests to pass along to you.

First we have been asked to put Marie Wentz’s nephew, Dean Sarver on the prayer chain. Dean is in the hospital with a weak heart. Marie shared that Dean’s heart is only working at about 30%. We ask that you pray for Dean and that the Lord would strengthen his heart and help him recover and get out of the Hospital.

We have also been asked to pray for Kim Hillegas. Kim has been diagnosed with diabetes and may have too have some of her toes removed. Pray that the Lord would lower her sugar numbers and help her so that she does not lose any of her toes. Pray that the Lord would heal her.

Finally, Marie Wentz also asked us to pray for one of her coworkers who has been diagnosed with breast cancer that has spread to her liver. Pray that the Lord would reveal himself to this woman and heal her body of this cancer.

Thank You

Pastor Kevin