Prayer Request

We received a couple prayer requests.
First for Leslie Castro, her PIC line pulled out sometime through the night and apparently lost a good bit of blood. They are currently moving her back to ICU and giving her units of blood.

Jane Folk, Arlene’s cousin, is getting radiation treatments for her cancer. The doctors have estimated that she has about 6 months left so they will be most likely pacing her on hospice.

Marsha asked us to pray for their friend Perry Miller from Altoona. He has been bleeding since last Saturday and they cannot locate where the bleed is. They have given him at least three units of blood and if there is no improvement by Monday they will be sending him to Pittsburgh.

I am asking that you pray for each of these people who are in life threatening situations. Please pray that the Lord is at work in each of their lives. Pray that they know Jesus as Lord and Savior and that the Lord would place his healing touch upon each of them and heal the ailments that they are dealing with. Pray that the Lord will reduce any pain they may be experiencing, that He will comfort them in these days and that their families will have peace in knowing the Lord is in control.

Thank You.