Prayer Request

We received a prayer request from Bonnie Strayer for the family of her cousin, Sherry Thomas. Sherry is passed away unexpectedly and that is the extent of what we know. Bonnie is away at the time and has very few details. We ask that you pray for Sherry’s family; that the Lord would bring comfort to this family as they mourn. Pray that the family find the Lord’s peace in this situation, and that they will be blessed as they share this time together. Pray also for Bonnie as she is traveling to return home safely.

We also received a prayer request from Denny for his niece, Bailey’s infant daughter. The baby was born recently and they have discovered a tumor in the baby’s ear. Pray as the family visits with the doctors and specialists to attempt to resolve this issue. Pray that this tumor is something that will be easily removed and fixed.

Thank You