Prayer Request: Update

We received an update on a prayer request from last week for Devon Spiker. Devon is the 25 year old son of one of Jan’s coworkers. He has been hospitalized with a severe infection which has affected the valves in his heart. The valve in his heart is so bad that they said it needed replaced as soon as possible so they transported him to another hospital that was better equipped to deal with his situation. However, the cardiac surgeon at hospital said he is too sick to do the valve replacement. Devon had show signs of improvement late last week, but now is beginning to worsen, with an increased fever.

Devon’s mother is asking for more prayers. With this in mind, we are asking you to pray for Devon to be healed and that the medical staff is able to stabilize him so they may do the necessary surgery to his weakening heart. Also pray that his fever would return to normal, his blood counts would stabilize, and that Devon would be able to make a full recovery. Please remember his family; pray they would be comforted and given hope for each new day.

Thank you.