Prayer Request: Update

We have an update on the young man we prayed for this past Sunday Morning who was in a car accident. His name was Lincoln Brubaker and he is the nephew of Bill and Bobbi Brubaker. In the accident Lincoln suffered a broken Sternum, broken nose, broken pelvis in several places, a possible injury to his kidneys, a head injury, and was placed on a ventilator. He was transferred to Children’s hospital in Pittsburgh where Monday he underwent surgery to repair his pelvis, but due to issues related to his injuries was not able to make the repairs as they would have liked. He regained consciousness on Tuesday and the ventilator was removed. He is currently having lapses in his memory so they are scheduling an MRI.

We ask that you continue to remember Lincoln in prayer. Pray that he will be healed and make a full recovery. Pray that the medical team working with him will be empowered to do what is necessary to help his body heal correctly. Also pray for the family to be comforted during this time and that they will lean on their faith as they meet each new day.   

Thank You