Prayer Requests

We have a prayer request for the family of one of Jan’s co-workers. Her name is Michelle Spiker, and at this time her husband and son are hospitalized in two different locations. Her son Devon is the most serious and he is hospitalized in San Diego with endocarditis, which is an infection in the lining of the heart. Michelle caught a flight to San Diego and is rushing to her son Devon’s side. Her husband was diagnosed with MS a while back and had a bad cold recently, which caused his MS symptoms to flare up, so they admitted him into Conemaugh Hospital until the symptoms subside.

We are asking you to pray for this entire family; pray that Devon would be healed and this infection would be eliminated as quickly as possible. Pray also that Michelle’s husband’s symptoms would return to normal and the MS is again able to be controlled with his medications. Finally pray that Michelle is able to make the necessary transportation arrangements in order to get to her son and care for him.
We also have a prayer request for the family of one of Shane’s friends and co-workers whose name is Cody Kephart. Cody was killed in an accident Wednesday night. Cody also had a brother who died last year suddenly. We are asking that you keep his family in your prayers as they mourn and come to grips with these tragic losses. Pray that the Lord would comfort them as they grieve and give them strength for each new day. Also pray that the Lord would give them peace in the days to come.

Thank you.