Prayer Requests and Updates

Randy Imler’s sister, Cindy Crissman was experiencing chest pains and went to the hospital, after testing there were no signs that she suffered a heart attack. So they plan to do testing to check for a blood clot. She is in excruciating pain and is being given much pain medication. We ask that you pray that the pain would subside and that the Medical staff is able to identify the cause of her pain. Pray also that Cindy would be healed completely and able to return home as soon as possible.

We also have an update on the prayer request for Thad Yothers mother. Betty passed away Tuesday. We ask that you continue to keep the Yothers family in your prayer as they mourn the loss of a wife, mother, and grandmother. Pray that they will be comforted in Betty’s passing and find peace in the days to come.
We received a prayer request for Nick Damjanovich. Juleen received a message from Nick during Sunday School stating that he was sick, went to a walk in clinic who sent him to the hospital. At this time Nick is having diagnostic and blood work done to try and diagnose his problem and situation, but has no answers yet. We are asking that you pray for Nick’s health, that the medical staff is able to quickly diagnose Nick’s illness and treat effectively. Pray that he would be relieved of this illness and recover completely. Pray also for the family to be comforted while he is away for work and not able to be by his side during this illness.
Thank You.