2020 Events
All year, Ryot Church of the Nazarene is involved in different activities– both at the church and around the community– as we strive to be a FED church. If you are interested in the kinds of activities we do, or think you might like to attend check out the pictures below.

Graduation Sunday 2020


Congratulations to our 2020 Seniors Ethan Beegle and Stevin Davis as well as all of their classmates. If you would like to give Ethan or Stevin a card, you can call the church (814-839-2543) for their address or drop the cards off at the church.
The following video is from the Chestnut Ridge School District youtube channel. 

Local LEAD Training

On Saturday March 7th we hosted a local LEAD training for our district. Seven churches attended to learn and fellowship together. 

Chili Cook Off

This year we held a chili cook off. We had 12 entries, games and prizes. Everyone voted for their favorite, the hottest, and the most unique chili. 

NYI Super Bowl Party

Each year the NYI has a Super Bowl party where they eat, watch the game, and play games. 

Gas Buy Down

Biannually, we hold a Gas Buy Down where we pay for $0.50 of a gallon of gas for an hour. 

NYI Bake and Take

Each year the NYI holds a “Bake and Take” where they make a lunch then deliver it to surprise people in the community. This year they made soup, rolls, and brownies. 

Annual Meeting/Reports

Each year, we hold an annual meeting where we go over our annual reports from the previous year. After our meeting, we have a meal. If you would like to view our 2019 annual report, click here.