Local NMI President: Sharon
One of the most important values of Ryot Church of the Nazarene is our mission to the world beginning in our own community and spreading overseas to every nation. Ryot Nazarene is thrilled to be part of the spread of God’s kingdom around the world and you can too.
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June 30th
KIA Service
In April, hundreds of Nazarenes took to the streets in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to share the gospel. The initial plan was to gather 100 Nazarenes from the Central District to participate in the event, but 225 people from 19 churches showed up! They went to each house, to businesses, and to recreational areas, sharing the gospel. They distributed personal hygiene kits and clothing as needed.
Ask for God to direct the church to know how to respond to the multiple needs of this area. Pray for those who were reached through this event that their understanding of God’s love and Christ’s sacrifice will grow.