Local NMI President: Sharon
One of the most important values of Ryot Church of the Nazarene is our mission to the world beginning in our own community and spreading overseas to every nation. Ryot Nazarene is thrilled to be part of the spread of God’s kingdom around the world and you can too.
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Nazarenes around the world participated in the Nazarene World Week of Prayer from March 1-7, 2020. Prayer allows us to join our brothers and sisters around the world, making a difference in contexts beyond our human reach.


Pray for the Body of Christ, that those who are sick with this virus, may be healed, and that not one member will die (as illustrated in Acts 27: that in the midst of the storm, God is at hand and bringing us safely through).

Focus on the book of Ephesians, where Paul prays that all the world will submit to the sovereignty of Christ. The church needs to pray for ALL.

Pray for those who are having to go to work, that they will be safe.

Pray for deep encouragement of pastors, that they will find creative and meaningful ways to shepherd their flock.