2019 Events
All year, Ryot Church of the Nazarene is involved in different activities– both at the church and around the community– as we strive to be a FED church. If you are interested in the kinds of activities we do, or think you might like to attend check out the pictures below. 
NYI End of Summer Bash (8/18/2019)
Promotion Sunday (8/18/2019)
Car Wash (8/17/2019)
Block Party (7/27/2019)
Guest Speakers: Rodney and Sarah Reed (7/17/2019)
Prayer Tent (7/13/201
Motorcycle Ride (6/23/2019)
Vacation Bible School (6/10/2019-6/14/2019)
Children’s Day (6/9/2019)
NYI Escape Room at Freedom House Ministries (6/8/2019)
Teen Sunday (6/2/2019)
Gas Buy Down (5/18/2019)
NYI: 30 Hour Famine/Flocking(5/17/2019-5/18/2019)
Packing Clothes (5/11/2019)
Ladies Dip Day (5/10/2019)
Baby Day (5/5/2019)
Guest Speaker: Alan Brown & Freedom House Ministries (4/28/2019)
Sunrise Service (4/21/2019)
Easter Egg Hunt (4/20/2019)
Filling Easter Eggs (4/13/2019)
District Assembly (4/5/2019-4/8/2019)
Winter Jam (3/30/2019)
Children’s Ministry Luncheon (3/31/2019)
Dollar Hide (3/16/2019)
Kid’s Bowling (3/09/2019)
Men’s Movie and Wing Night (2/23/2019)
Laundry Wash and Dry (2/23/2019)
Kids Valentines Party (2/09/2019)
NYI Super Bowl Party (2/03/2019)
Kids Skating Party (1/12/2019)
NYI Bake & Take (1/12/2019)
Celebration Sunday (1/6/2019)
Gas Buy Down (1/12/2019)